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Intelligent Deposit A


Intelligent Deposit A is short for "Corporate Intelligent Call Deposit A", namely, the VIP Corporate Seven-day Call Deposit of GRCB. It is a new RMB deposit product based on the Corporate Seven-day Call Deposit and tailored to the needs of the wealth management of corporate customers with additional functions of automatic notification and automatic transfer.



· It is an updated version of the traditional Corporate Seven-day Call Deposit product, of which the interest is automatically calculated according to the interest of Seven-day Call Deposit for every 7 days with automatic principal and interest transfer.

· Customers can deposit and withdraw money at any time and the interest is automatically calculated according to the current interest for less than seven days together with the interest of Seven-day Call Deposit.



· Flexible deposit and withdrawal; effectively supervision of capital operation safety.

· Good returns: accumulated compound interest based on Seven-day Call Deposit.



1. Customers fill out the Application for Corporate Intelligent Call Deposit of Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank with seal affixed and specimen seal impression reserved and submit it to the accounting counter of any branch of GRCB.

2. Upon approval by the branch, the agreement signing operation is carried out by the accounting counter of the branch in the integrated business processing system, and then customers are informed.



(For details, please come to the nearby GRCB outlet or contact GRCB call center 961 111)

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