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Super E-remittance


Super E-remittance, namely the real-time cross-bank payment through the GRCB's corporate Internet banking, refers to the advanced function with which corporate customers can query and manage the fund balance and transaction details in their settlement accounts that these customers open in several commercial banks by logging on our bank's corporate Internet banking system, and with which cross-bank payment and real-time receipt of the payment can be realized.



1. Unified identity authentication, and universal use of one U-KEY in many Internet banking systems.

2. A unified operation platform, unified financial management flow, and a unified data format.

3. Realization of cross-bank account management and real-time cross-bank transfer of funds.



1. Corporate customers apply for the activation of the corporate Internet banking system in the professional edition and sign the "real-time cross-bank payment" service agreement.

2. The opening branch reviews the information. If our bank approves the application, the opening branch will retain copies of all the information and complete the "corporate Internet banking acceptance receipt" to customers.

3. Corporate customers assign two authorized handling persons to take the operator certificates, operators' password envelopes and other relevant information in the signatory bank and to sign them for confirmation.

4. Corporate customers log on the GRCB's corporate Internet banking system by using the U-KEY Internet banking certificate and the operator's password, and then can use the real-time cross-bank payment function.


Documents to be submitted

1. The certificates showing that the government's competent department approves the establishment and operation of the enterprise;

2. The ID card (original and copy) of the legal representative of the corporation. When the account opening formalities is commissioned to an agent, the ID card (original and copy) of the agent as well as the power attorney from the legal representative are also needed;

3. The ID card (original and copy) of the Corporate Internet Banking (Professional Version) Operator;

4. Filling in the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Corporate Internet Banking Application Form, the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Corporate Internet Banking Operator Application Form (for the "Professional Edition"), signing and affixing the official seal to the Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Corporate Internet Banking Customer Service Agreement, and reserving the specimen seal impression.


(For details, please come to the local banking outlet of GRCB or call our service line 961 111)

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